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You're responsible for enabling wellness for your customers and not juggle technology! Leave the tech empowerment for your business to us, and together let’s give your customers a thriving and invigorating experience.
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Why is DocMantra the easiest to use?


Cost effective

Better resource management


Statistic show 30% of time saving

Improved communication and collaboration

What’s more with DocMantra?

When “I” is replaced with “We”, even Illness becomes wellness
360° support
Supporting indian economy
Personalized solution
Natural healing

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Bonus features that you cannot imagine

Paperless prescription

Scheduled reminders

Provides Value For Money

Secured data


Mobile app available

Special Bonuses

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Is It Even Beneficial?

Easier Attendance Management

No more mannual attendance management

Easy Payment Collection

No more hand written records or follow-ups, automate it all

Command Your Appointments

Have  clarity of your appointments

Digital Prescription System

Maintain patient records in a safe & structured manner

Single Point Management

All the features in one single platfrom for you.

Easy Online Consultations

Manage upto 3000 customers at once with easy video consultation

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DocMantra is a tech-enabled solution for wellness experts and coaches. We enable the technology intervention your business needs.

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